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According to the census statistics, more women are married in Alabama between the ages of twenty and twenty-four than any other age. The national average is from age twenty-six to thirty. Women in this region are raised with marriage as a goal at a younger generation. Hence, they view their identity slightly different from the rest of the nation. This complexity leads some young southern women to misunderstand feminism as a concept that does not stand for all of their chosen ideals — four southern women from this demographic dressed in the classic hoop skirt of this region’s past and used their bodies to find a pose that would integrate their image, into Carolee Schneemann’s iconic feminist pieces. The new photos were digitally altered into the older ones. The hooped costume melds with a recent past, constructing a question of feminine identity, which is unique to these altered photos. By adverting one clear view of what a woman is, a more realistic and complicated ideal is created.

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