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The artwork “DOG,” began when my artist friend broke an artwork by Jeff Koon's, entitled “Dog.”  As the sculpture of a red porcelain balloon dog, was a treasure of mine, I was devastated that it broke.  However, the intersection of art and life is essential.  Perhaps I could turn this event back into art and fix what had happened. To do this, I had to revalue where the importance of this object now existed. I decided that the moment in time in which it broke was significant. It was a moment where the artist, object, and life intersected and its new broken state exemplified this intersection. The best solution to glorify this moment was to re-cast the object in its broken state into bronze. This would also solve a secondary problem. As the original artist, Jeff Koon’s hires professionals to make his objects, as he has no craft skills. I too had no skills in this material, as this would be my first attempt. By learning to make bronze I could echo the lack of craft in Jeff’s work and fix the fact that the original artist did not touch his object. The resulting bronze is a document of my struggle to learn and corrects that lack of artist hand in the original. Imperfections on my resulting bronze dog, record the process to be a craftsman. Dog alters both the broken object and the mass-produced art treasure, by capturing both the life and hand of an artist.

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